Preparing for Severe Weather, of any Kind

While we’ve lucked out on severe weather in Calgary and surrounding area (fingers-crossed), weather has been a trending problem in other parts of Canada lately.

I found an article in Acreage Life Magazine, that provided some useful tips at the right time, on preparing your home for extreme weather. In the wake of the extreme weather we’ve seen so far this summer in Calgary: flooding, hail storms, etc., this information can really help you.

Have a plan in place:

• Establish meeting places in the home and neighbourhood
• Discuss your communication details: phone numbers, email addresses, etc.
• Keep a copy of emergency plans from schools, community centres, city centres, etc.
• Keep a list of emergency contacts: family members, physicians, etc.

Keep supplies on-hand:

• Keep enough non-perishable food, water and pet food to feed your family for up to 3 days
• Extra cash and copies of personal documents
• Battery-powered radio
• Medications
• Supplies such as: plastic sheets, dust masks, duct tape, etc.
• Extra clothing and hygiene items

Interested in reading more on this topic? Read the full Acreage Life article here.

Springbank Fall Fair This Weeekend

This weekend, an annual tradition in Springbank comes around again, the Fall Fair! This is a day where Springbank residents (and others) have an opportunity to celebrate the agriculture roots and community spirit of Springbank.

There is a full day of family-friendly events including the annual family fun walk and run, ball hockey tournament and pancake breakfast. There are tons of opportunities to take in the spirit of the event all day with things like: agricultural displays and demonstrations, market and vendors, etc.

The event is held at the Springbank Park for All Seasons, on Saturday, September 6th from 8 am to 5 pm. Full schedule of the day and the events is online.

Springbank Land Donated to Rocky View County

A 31.66-acre private land donation has been made to Rocky View County, from the River Ridge Estates Corporation (valued at $1,685,000). The land includes three properties, located in Springbank (near Spring Gate Estates).

Future uses could include: a natural stormwater solution that may provide future local and regional stormwater solutions; preservation of the lands within the Elbow River valley; expansion of the open space and trail network system in the area; or community support for the protection of a natural landscape. [Rocky View Weekly]

The County says the first step is to acquire the land and the potential uses will be explored with the community and nearby landowners in the next few years. The donation was approved with a 6-2 vote at the last Rocky View County meeting.

More on this land donation can be found in this week’s edition of Rocky View Weekly here.

Backyard Summer Safety Tips

It’s another scorching week in Calgary and area, and with heat like this people are spending their time outdoors. Alberta Health Services is taking time to remind residents to keep their backyards safe this summer with these helpful tips:

  • Ensure all pools are fenced, and supervise swimming. Reminder: children can drown in just a centimetre of water.
  • Keep children away from power equipment outside, and use caution when using power tools. Serious burns can be caused from hot engines on mowers, etc.
  • Ensure all tools, chemicals and potentially dangerous yard equipment is stored in a safe and secure location.
  • To keep insects from being attracted to you, avoid perfume, heavily-scented lotions and bright clothing outdoors.
  • Consider relocating nests or hives located near your home.

Enjoy the summer heat, and stay safe!

Upcoming Events at Springbank Park

Enjoy all that the Springbank Park For All Seasons has to offer, whether you’re a Springbank resident or not. Here’s some upcoming events at Springbank Park:

SPFAS Casino
July 24 – 25
More information

Springbank Western Heritage Antique Show
July 26 – 27
More information

Calgary Highland Games
August 30
More information

The SPFAS provides recreation facilities and space for special events and meetings, and has partnered with many partners to provide sports programs and social activities to the community as well.

Development along waterways in Rocky View County

Areas where water, soil and vegetation are together are called ‘riparian’ zones. They are an important part of the stabilization of banks, shorelines and protecting property and infrastructure from flooding or erosion.

Rocky View County is proposing changes to the Land Use Bylaw which will further limit development of residential and commercial structures, septic fields, parking lots and storm water ponds in these riparian areas.

If you think you might have a riparian area on your land, and want to know how the new setbacks might impact development, you can attend a free open house:

Wednesday, June 25
4:00 to 7:30 p.m.
Rocky View County Municipal Building (911 – 32 Avenue NE, Calgary)

The Scoop on Springbank Hill

I’ve been fortunate enough to live and work in the same area for over 20 years—Springbank and Springbank Hill. Here’s an inside look at the community:

Springbank Hill was comprised of numerous subdivisions including Springborough and Montreux, Springbank has developed into a large community and one of the wealthiest regions in the Greater Calgary area.

Where to eat:

Haru Sushi Bar: This beautiful restaurant with modern décor, serves up authentic and innovative Japanese cuisine. Enjoy a feast for the eyes and the mouth at Haru Sushi Bar.

Address: 30 Springborough Boulevard SW
Check them out online

Schools: Public:

Battalion Park School: This school serves students from kindergarten to grade six. It has an enrollment of 634.

Address: 369 Sienna Park Drive SW
Check them out online

A.E. Cross School: This school serves students from grades seven to nine. It is situated on 13.8 acres, and has an enrollment of 594.

Address: 3445 – 37 Street SW
Check them out online

Ernest Manning High School: This public school serves grades 10 to 12, and is situated in a brand new LEED certified building.

Address: 369 Sienna Park Drive SW
Check them out online

Schools: Catholic:

John W. Costello: This school serves students from kindergarten to grade six, in school code three.

Address: 300 Strathcona Drive SW
Check them out online

St. Gregory: This school serves students from grade six to nine, in school code 48. It also offers choice programming for Hockey Canada Skills Academy for students grade six to nine.

Address: 5340 – 26 Avenue SW
Check them out online

Bishop Carroll: This school serves students in grades 10 to 12. It offers advanced placement, self-directed learning, and sports performance programs.

Address: 4624 Richard Road SW
Check them out online

For fitness and recreation:

Westside Recreation Centre: Focused on health and wellness for all ages and ability levels. Offering fitness classes, exercise room, climbing wall, aquatic centre and various sports courts.

Address: 2000, 69 Street SW
Check them out online

For more on Springbank Hill, check out their Community Association website.

Home Office Organizing Tips

Today is “Organize Your Home Office Day”, and it’s the perfect time to get around to the office organization you’ve been putting off. Here are five tips for organizing your home office space:

1. Take advantage of storage boxes, and try going with ones made from luxurious materials for some extra flair.

2. Experts from Style at Home recommend using glass vases, jars and canisters to store things as it makes things easy to find.

3. While you want to keep your home office tidy and organized, add some accessories or flowers to keep it a cozy space you want to spend time in.

4. Seek inspiration from new places: social media sites like Pinterest or Houzz, a colour palette you see, etc.

5. Upcycle materials and turn trash into treasure. Your desk doesn’t need to be top-of-the-line or brand new.

Rocky View Residents: Reviewing Your Assessments

From the time Rocky View County sends out the 2014 property assessments, residents have a 60-day period to review and dispute anything that seems incorrect on their assessment. Before you submit a review, ask yourself: Is the assessment a reasonable estimate of market value as of the valuation date? Is the assessment equitable when compared with others in the area?

If after you’ve asked yourself those questions, you still want to file a review, you should contact a County assessor.

Rocky View County 
Administration Office

Once you’ve had a discussion with your assessor, and you still feel the assessment is incorrect, the next step is to file a written complaint with the Assessment Review Board.

If you’re looking for more information on the Rocky View County assessment review process, check out the Rocky View County website.

Flood Recovery: $13 Million to Rocky View

Rocky View County Communications Manager, Grant Kaiser, confirmed last week that the County has received a commitment of $13 million to date from the Province, to assist with flood recovery and rebuilding. The June 2013 flood cost the County $2.9 million, but private property damage costs have not yet been confirmed.

A breakdown of the funding:

• Sept. 19, 2013: $9.8 million to RVC to support water and wastewater systems in the Hamlet of Bragg Creek
• November 2013: $1.135-million grant through Alberta’s Flood Recovery Erosion Control Program (FRECP)
• November 2013: $50,000 grant through the Alberta Collaborative Economic Recovery and Renewal Initiative to rebuild the economy in Bragg Creek
• January 2014: RVC approved a budget adjustment after being committed $2.29 million through the Disaster Recovery Program to cover costs for 33 flood projects

Read more on this story in Rocky View Weekly online.