Adjustments to Rocky View Master Rates

Rocky View County recently passed its annual adjustments to the Master Rates Bylaw, which outlines what residents pay for County services (building permits, utilities, licenses, etc.).

Most of the rates will remain unchanged for this year, and actually some will even be decreasing. In some categories, rates are rising 1-2% to cover inflation.

Increases include:

  • Bragg Creek sewer services are moving from a fixed rate of $125. per month to a rate of $25 plus $3.70 per cubic metre of water consumption to better reflect each homeowner’s individual use.
  • The costs of monuments, burial sites, and other cemetery-related services are increasing to move towards true cost recovery.

The new rates come into effect on April 1, 2015.

The Master Rates Bylaw reflects the County’s 2015-2018 Strategic Plan, which identifies fiscal sustainability as one of its pillars. The County is moving towards more user-based fee structures for programs and services that benefit only some residents. Currently fewer than 12,000 of the County’s 38,000 residents receive water, sewer, or curbside waste and recycling services provided by the County.

More information on the Master Rates Bylaw and its 2015 amendments can be found on the Rocky View County website here.

Recycle a Tree – Receive a Tree

The Rocky View County annual Christmas tree recycling program is back, and residents who bring their natural Christmas trees to a drop-off location will get a voucher for a tree seedling from Bow Point Nursery or Branched Out Nursery.

The drop-off locations are:

  • Bragg Creek Transfer Site
  • Langdon Transfer Site
  • Irricana Transfer Site
  • Crossfield Transfer Site
  • Airdrie Recycle Depot (East Side Recycling Depot)
  • Cochrane Eco Centre (Recycle Depot)
  • Bow Point Nursery
  • Branched Out Nursery

More information can be found online at the Rocky View County website here.

How snow removal works in Rocky View

This winter has brought with it lots of up and down weather so far, and if you’re wondering how Rocky View County goes about clearing the roadways of snow and ice, here’s a little insight.

Rocky View County is using some new and innovative tools to help tackle snow and ice removal, such as a snow melting machine. The County is one of the first in Alberta to use this type of machine, which is essentially like a large hot tub. Snow is dumped in and hot water melts it, then the water is filtered and sent to the storm water system. To give you an idea, it costs about 25% less than regular snow hauling to a dump site.

The County is also now using snowcats to deal with heavy snowfall on gravel roads. These machines are designed for moving around ski hills and areas where other vehicles can’t go—perfect for winter roads in country areas.

Interested in learning more about snow and ice removal in Rocky View County? Check out their website.

Amendments will protect Rocky View County waterways


Last week, Rocky View County council adopted amendments that will help protect the lands adjacent to County waterways, by limiting the types of construction permitted in those areas. The amendments will also enforce setbacks to keep these zones intact.

“Although they make up a relatively small portion of the landscape, they have some significant importance relating to economic, health, and environmental considerations,” said RVC Senior Planner Richard Barss. “Economically, they can help prevent or limit erosion, and they can slow down flooding. Health-wise, they improve water quality by filtering nutrients and sediments from water systems. And from an environmental perspective, they provide an important habitat for mammals and fish.”


“For the County to be coming out with these bylaw amendments, it shows exceptionally strong leadership,” he said. “We will be trumpeting this success to other municipalities within the region.”


[Rocky View Weekly]

If you want to learn more about the Riparian Protection Areas (RPA) and the most recent amendments that will protect waterways in Rocky View County, read this article online by Rocky View Weekly.

Rocky View Residents: Be FireSmart

The FireSmart program was started by Partners in Protection in an effort to educate homeowners on how to protect their properties from wildfires. Seeing as how it’s also Fire Prevention Week, these tips serve as great reminders:

  • Ensure your chimney is up to code
  • Call your utility company of branches or leaves are not clear of power lines
  • Have your address and lot number easily visible for emergency crews
  • Remove vegetation near powerlines
  • In warmer months, water and mow grass regularly
  • Move propane tanks 10 metres from any structure
  • Choose less flammable finishes for your home
  • Use only Class A, B or C rated fire resistant roofing materials
  • Keep trees at least three metres away from either side of your driveway

Looking for more information and tips on fire safety and prevention in Rocky View County? See the Rocky View County website.

Volunteer for Rocky View Committees and Boards

Rocky View County is seeking residents to be members of several committees and boards. The following positions are currently available:

  • Agricultural Services Board (ASB): 2 members
  • Assessment Review Board: 3 members
  • Development Appeal Committee: 4 members
  • Family & Community Support Services Board: 1 member
  • Subdivision Appeal Committee: 7 members
  • Bragg Creek Design Review Committee: 2 members
  • Marigold Library Board: 1 member
  • Bearspaw Glendale Recreation Board: 3 members
  • Beiseker Regional Recreation Board: 1 member
  • Rocky View East Recreation Board: 1 member
  • Rocky View West Recreation Board: 4 members

A full list of the terms and requirements of each committee and board position is up on the Rocky View County website. Information on how to apply for one of these positions can be found online here.

Spring Cleaning? Garbage and Recycling Locations

If you’re getting some spring cleaning done this month, there’s several facilities for Bearspaw and Springbank residents to take advantage of garbage and recycling services.  Here’s a quick reference:

Garbage and Recycling:
SpringHill RV Park on Highway 22
Open Sunday: 9 am to 3 pm

[Fees for the above location: $3.00 Per Garbage Bag (35” x 50”), $20 per household furniture item, $45 per half-ton truckload bulk waste, $30 per half-ton truckload untreated wood.]

Recycling Only:
Bearspaw Lifestyles Centre
253220 Bearspaw Road NW
Open Wednesday: 11 am to 7 pm

Recycling Only:
Springbank – 67 Commercial Court
Open Monday to Sunday: 10 am to 5 pm

The Scoop on Springbank Hill

I’ve been fortunate enough to live and work in the same area for over 20 years—Springbank and Springbank Hill. Here’s an inside look at the community:

Springbank Hill was comprised of numerous subdivisions including Springborough and Montreux, Springbank has developed into a large community and one of the wealthiest regions in the Greater Calgary area.

Where to eat:

Haru Sushi Bar: This beautiful restaurant with modern décor, serves up authentic and innovative Japanese cuisine. Enjoy a feast for the eyes and the mouth at Haru Sushi Bar.

Address: 30 Springborough Boulevard SW
Check them out online

Schools: Public:

Battalion Park School: This school serves students from kindergarten to grade six. It has an enrollment of 634.

Address: 369 Sienna Park Drive SW
Check them out online

A.E. Cross School: This school serves students from grades seven to nine. It is situated on 13.8 acres, and has an enrollment of 594.

Address: 3445 – 37 Street SW
Check them out online

Ernest Manning High School: This public school serves grades 10 to 12, and is situated in a brand new LEED certified building.

Address: 369 Sienna Park Drive SW
Check them out online

Schools: Catholic:

John W. Costello: This school serves students from kindergarten to grade six, in school code three.

Address: 300 Strathcona Drive SW
Check them out online

St. Gregory: This school serves students from grade six to nine, in school code 48. It also offers choice programming for Hockey Canada Skills Academy for students grade six to nine.

Address: 5340 – 26 Avenue SW
Check them out online

Bishop Carroll: This school serves students in grades 10 to 12. It offers advanced placement, self-directed learning, and sports performance programs.

Address: 4624 Richard Road SW
Check them out online

For fitness and recreation:

Westside Recreation Centre: Focused on health and wellness for all ages and ability levels. Offering fitness classes, exercise room, climbing wall, aquatic centre and various sports courts.

Address: 2000, 69 Street SW
Check them out online

For more on Springbank Hill, check out their Community Association website.

Rocky View County Meetings: Highlights

The most recent edition of Vantage Point, outlines some of the most notable decisions made at recent Rocky View County council meetings. We’ve picked out a few highlights we think are of interest to Bearspaw and Springbank residents.

• Council voted to enter an agreement with Cochrane Fire Services to provide fire and emergency coverage to western parts of the County for one year.

• A five-year agreement has been reached with Cochrane for use of the Cochrane Eco Centre. The County will pay $45,000 per year to allow Rocky Viewers to use the recycling facility.

• Council voted to approve the 2014 Master Rates Bylaw. This bylaw sets the fees and rates for everything from dog licenses to beyond.

You can view the March version of Vantage Point online here.

Spring Road Bans in RVC

Can you believe spring is less than a month away? The spring thaw however, can bring with it the potential to damage roadways in Rocky View County. To reduce this risk, the County is implementing district-wide road bans.

  • Asphalt-surfaced roads: 90%
  • Gravel roads: 90%
  • Chip-seal and oil-surfaced roads: 75%
  • Roads that currently have a 50% ban in place will remain at 50%

These bans will be in effect from March 3 to June 2, 2014. During the ban period, signs will be posted as a reminder. You can find out more information about the road bans on the Rocky View County website.