Adjustments to Rocky View Master Rates

Rocky View County recently passed its annual adjustments to the Master Rates Bylaw, which outlines what residents pay for County services (building permits, utilities, licenses, etc.).

Most of the rates will remain unchanged for this year, and actually some will even be decreasing. In some categories, rates are rising 1-2% to cover inflation.

Increases include:

  • Bragg Creek sewer services are moving from a fixed rate of $125. per month to a rate of $25 plus $3.70 per cubic metre of water consumption to better reflect each homeowner’s individual use.
  • The costs of monuments, burial sites, and other cemetery-related services are increasing to move towards true cost recovery.

The new rates come into effect on April 1, 2015.

The Master Rates Bylaw reflects the County’s 2015-2018 Strategic Plan, which identifies fiscal sustainability as one of its pillars. The County is moving towards more user-based fee structures for programs and services that benefit only some residents. Currently fewer than 12,000 of the County’s 38,000 residents receive water, sewer, or curbside waste and recycling services provided by the County.

More information on the Master Rates Bylaw and its 2015 amendments can be found on the Rocky View County website here.

Development along waterways in Rocky View County

Areas where water, soil and vegetation are together are called ‘riparian’ zones. They are an important part of the stabilization of banks, shorelines and protecting property and infrastructure from flooding or erosion.

Rocky View County is proposing changes to the Land Use Bylaw which will further limit development of residential and commercial structures, septic fields, parking lots and storm water ponds in these riparian areas.

If you think you might have a riparian area on your land, and want to know how the new setbacks might impact development, you can attend a free open house:

Wednesday, June 25
4:00 to 7:30 p.m.
Rocky View County Municipal Building (911 – 32 Avenue NE, Calgary)