Glenbow Ranch Area Structure Plan one step closer

The new Glenbow Ranch Area Structure Plan (GBRASP) is another step closer after Rocky View County adopted the new Terms of Reference last month.

The terms provide direction for the review of a portion of Bearspaw Area Structure Plan, facilitating the development of the new GBRASP. The terms establish the scope, timeline and goals of the GBRASP.

The Terms of Reference include an approximate study area of 7,671 acres of land located south of Highway 1A, north of the Bow River, and between the Town of Cochrane and the City of Calgary. The GBRASP will replace a portion of the Bearspaw ASP, as the land is located within the Bearspaw ASP’s boundaries.

One of the objectives of GBRASP is to provide sensitive integration of natural features and historical areas of the park into the surrounding areas. Development in the area can now protect park values and support park operations as well.

Clearly stated within the proposed Terms of Reference, development will be integrated to enhance the experience of living in proximity to a provincial park, while minimizing the adverse impacts of development and park users.

This is an exciting development for Bearspaw and Rocky View residents, and you can find out more about these recent actions in this article by Rocky View Weekly.

Community Funding Requests Awarded in RVC

On November 25, Rocky View County (RVC) Council approved five community funding requests. Here’s a rundown of what organizations have been approved, and what for:

  • Bow Valley Agricultural Society: 50% cost-sharing grant to support maintenance and upgrades to the Indus arena, total approval just over $40,000.
  • North Bow Community Facility Board: support for land preparation work outside of Langdon to house a future high school and recreation amenities. Total approval: $38,000, $183,000 and $300,000 from various reserve funds.
  • Springbank Heritage Club: 50% of the cost to install a potable water line, total approval for $25,000.
  • Cochrane Lions Minor Football Association: to assist in the cost of purchasing and installing an artificial turf at Bow Valley High School. Total approval in the amount of $100,000.
  • Friends of Chestermere High School Society: assistance with the purchase of retractable seating at Chestermere High School. Total approval amount of $50,000.


Rocky View County Meetings: Highlights

The most recent edition of Vantage Point, outlines some of the most notable decisions made at recent Rocky View County council meetings. We’ve picked out a few highlights we think are of interest to Bearspaw and Springbank residents.

• Council voted to enter an agreement with Cochrane Fire Services to provide fire and emergency coverage to western parts of the County for one year.

• A five-year agreement has been reached with Cochrane for use of the Cochrane Eco Centre. The County will pay $45,000 per year to allow Rocky Viewers to use the recycling facility.

• Council voted to approve the 2014 Master Rates Bylaw. This bylaw sets the fees and rates for everything from dog licenses to beyond.

You can view the March version of Vantage Point online here.

Algae Advisory: Cochrane Lake

On August 2, Alberta Health Services (AHS), issued a blue-green algae advisory for Cochrane Lake. So why is that a big deal, doesn’t algae always grow in lakes?

Blue-green algae produces a toxin that can cause sickness to humans or animals who come in contact with the water its in. Although the symptoms are temporary, they include: skin rash/irritation, sore throat/eyes, swelling, fever and nausea.

According to AHS, blue-green algae are microscopic and occur naturally in streams and lakes but usually in low numbers. When temperatures are warm, the presence of the algae can grow rapidly.

“As part of our routine monitoring of lakes in Southern Alberta, we discovered the presence of blue-green algae in the water. It’s a natural phenomenon that has to run its course. It’s up to nature to decide when the lake will be back to safe conditions.” – AHS

So for now, stay clear of the water until you hear it’s safe to do so.



Strong Housing Activity in Cochrane

Price growth and health levels of inventory are being found in Calgary’s surrounding communities, according to CREB. It is believed that tightening market conditions within Calgary are pushing buyers to look at Airdrie, Okotoks and Cochrane for their next home.

Let’s take a look at the Cochrane market specifcally:

Although sales activity in March was slower, strong sales growth in the first two months of the year pushed growth over 6%. Cochrane has seen an oversupply of homes for the last 4 years so this boost in activity is long overdue.

• Active listings in March totaled 191 last month, 25% less than 2012
• Single-family benchmark price last month was $401,800, 12% increase from 2012

CREB stated in their blog:

“While this is significant, it should be noted that prices in Cochrane – with the exception of 2012 – have been declining since 2007. The increase is a signal of price recovery, but the unadjusted benchmark price remains six per cent below the peak pricing in the market.”