Tips for Organizing Your Home Office

Today is “Organize Your Home Office Day”, and it’s the perfect time to get around to the office organization you’ve been putting off. Here are five tips for organizing your home office space:

1. Take advantage of storage boxes, and try going with ones made from luxurious materials for some extra flair.

2. Experts from Style at Home recommend using glass vases, jars and canisters to store things as it makes things easy to find.

3. While you want to keep your home office tidy and organized, add some accessories or flowers to keep it a cozy space you want to spend time in.

4. Seek inspiration from new places: social media sites like Pinterest or Houzz, a colour palette you see, etc.

5. Upcycle materials and turn trash into treasure. Your desk doesn’t need to be top-of-the-line or brand new.

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Flood Prevention Measures in Calgary

Yesterday, City of Calgary officials outlined their plan to prevent future flooding from happening, once all the snow melts this spring. One of the biggest measures being taken right now is to repair the riverbanks (six critical erosion sites outlined), and since the Bow and Elbow Rivers have changed a lot since the flood, they are trying to determine which direction the water will flow.

The City is working with experts to develop new computer monitoring systems so that they can act quicker and proactively to prevent and respond to any flooding situations. The City is advising that homeowners can do their part as well:

Meantime, both the city and province are monitoring snowpack levels and river flows, to try and get an idea of what’s heading our way come spring. Officials say homeowners can also play a role in flood prevention.


“If I know the water always comes in through my garage door, go buy some [polyurethane] and a half dozen sandbags, and stack it in the corner of your garage,” suggests Bruce Burrell, director of Calgary Emergency Management Agency.  – from Global Calgary

Preparing for Severe Weather

I recently came across an article in Acreage Life Magazine, that provided some useful tips at the right time, on preparing your home for extreme weather. In the wake of the extreme weather we’ve seen so far this summer in Calgary: flooding, hail storms, etc., this information can really help you.

Have a plan in place:

• Establish meeting places in the home and neighbourhood
• Discuss your communication details: phone numbers, email addresses, etc.
• Keep a copy of emergency plans from schools, community centres, city centres, etc.
• Keep a list of emergency contacts: family members, physicians, etc.

Keep supplies on-hand:

• Keep enough non-perishable food, water and pet food to feed your family for up to 3 days
• Extra cash and copies of personal documents
• Battery-powered radio
• Medications
• Supplies such as: plastic sheets, dust masks, duct tape, etc.
• Extra clothing and hygiene items

Interested in reading more on this topic? Read the full Acreage Life article here.

5 Small Home Upgrades That Make a Big Difference

Renovations are all the fad right now, featured in many home magazines and blogs. One theme seems to be consistent everywhere: small changes can make the biggest difference. Here are five small home upgrades that will make your life easier:

Install a built-in soap dispenser: it’s a nice addition to your sink, and that’s also one less thing to clutter up your counter.

Soft-close drawers/cupboards: these are fairly cost-effective to install, and it will be the end of slamming drawers and cupboards in the kitchen.

Install dimmer switches: especially if you have bright lights, having the option to use different light settings has huge benefit.

Garage keypad: most new homes have these nowadays, but if yours doesn’t it is definitely a worthwhile add-on. Plus, you’ll never be locked out of your house again.

Motion-activated outdoor lights: these are great to have on your porch or deck. It’s a deterrent for criminals, but also will help guide you in the dark.