Adjustments to Rocky View Master Rates

Rocky View County recently passed its annual adjustments to the Master Rates Bylaw, which outlines what residents pay for County services (building permits, utilities, licenses, etc.).

Most of the rates will remain unchanged for this year, and actually some will even be decreasing. In some categories, rates are rising 1-2% to cover inflation.

Increases include:

  • Bragg Creek sewer services are moving from a fixed rate of $125. per month to a rate of $25 plus $3.70 per cubic metre of water consumption to better reflect each homeowner’s individual use.
  • The costs of monuments, burial sites, and other cemetery-related services are increasing to move towards true cost recovery.

The new rates come into effect on April 1, 2015.

The Master Rates Bylaw reflects the County’s 2015-2018 Strategic Plan, which identifies fiscal sustainability as one of its pillars. The County is moving towards more user-based fee structures for programs and services that benefit only some residents. Currently fewer than 12,000 of the County’s 38,000 residents receive water, sewer, or curbside waste and recycling services provided by the County.

More information on the Master Rates Bylaw and its 2015 amendments can be found on the Rocky View County website here.

For Winter Walk Day: Enjoy Our Great Parks!

February 4, 2015 is Winter Walk Day in Canada, a nationwide initiative that encourages Canadians to get outside and walk, even for 15 minutes.

If you want to enjoy some beautiful scenery tomorrow, here’s some places to check out:

Bragg Creek Provincial Park
Located 44 km west of Calgary in the hamlet of Bragg Creek. Features of the park include:

  • Picnic space
  • Hiking trails
  • Fishing
  • Washrooms
  • Free parking

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park
Located between Calgary and Cochrane along the north shore of the Bow River. This park contains over 1,300 hectares of parkland. Features include:

  • Natural features, including endangered ecosystems and rare species
  • Showcase the rich history of ranching and the historic Glenbow townsite
  • Managed through a formal partnership with the Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation

Big Hill Springs Provincial Park
This park has a series of waterfalls, and a historic fish hatchery, not to mention Alberta’s first commercial creamery. This park is located 10 kilometres east of Cochrane. Features of the park include:

  • Hiking
  • Wildlife
  • Washrooms
  • Free Parking

For more information on these parks and many more in the County, check out the Rocky View County website.

Flood Recovery: $13 Million to Rocky View

Rocky View County Communications Manager, Grant Kaiser, confirmed last week that the County has received a commitment of $13 million to date from the Province, to assist with flood recovery and rebuilding. The June 2013 flood cost the County $2.9 million, but private property damage costs have not yet been confirmed.

A breakdown of the funding:

• Sept. 19, 2013: $9.8 million to RVC to support water and wastewater systems in the Hamlet of Bragg Creek
• November 2013: $1.135-million grant through Alberta’s Flood Recovery Erosion Control Program (FRECP)
• November 2013: $50,000 grant through the Alberta Collaborative Economic Recovery and Renewal Initiative to rebuild the economy in Bragg Creek
• January 2014: RVC approved a budget adjustment after being committed $2.29 million through the Disaster Recovery Program to cover costs for 33 flood projects

Read more on this story in Rocky View Weekly online.

Farm Flooding Preparedness

A lot of lessons were learned from the June flooding in Alberta; mostly, the best way to prepare for floods is to take action before there is a problem.

The Government of Alberta website has outlined some flood preparation tips, specific to rural homeowners and residents. Here’s the steps you should take:

Locate potential hazards in relation to water sourcesSecure potable water if there is a flood warning
Identify high elevation areas for relocation
Inspect dams and canals annually
Have an Emergency Plan

It’s also always important to stay informed on weather alerts and trends for your area, so you can have time to prepare for when disaster hits. For weather alerts, check here.

And more the complete list of tips for farm flooding preparedness, read the post on the Government of Alberta website here.

Bragg Creek Flood Waste Disposal

The cleanup has begun from the floods that devastated so many over the past several days. For Bragg Creek residents dealing with flood damage, Rocky View County has setup infrastructure to drop-off debris from the floods, free of charge.

What to know about the drop-off site:

• Located at Bragg Creek Transfer Site, 90 Elbow Rise NE• Open from 9 am to 5 pm, except Wednesdays when it’s open 11 am to 7 pm
• Residential use only
• Accepting: drywall, wood, insulation, electronics, appliances, spoiled food or similar debris

Stay tuned on the Rocky View County website for updates on the flood recovery.

“The Government of Alberta has created a special website on the 2013 floods.  Information links on this page detail how to access emergency financial assistance, and the site lists other important recovery information. The website is at”

Did You Know? Interesting Facts About Rocky View County

In reading the recently released Rocky View County Plan (available for download here), I noticed some really interesting facts about the County on some of the pages. I thought I’d share some of those with you, it gives an interesting look at the areas that make up the County.

  • Rocky View County is the 11th largest municipality in Alberta (35,461 population)
  • There are 1,551 farms and ranches in the County, 92% of the total land in County
  • Rocky View has 29 highways, connecting 2,342 km of roadways
  • Rocky View contributed $2.5 million to 80 community groups last year

If you have comments about the County Plan, you can submit them my email to: by June 12th, or there will be a public hearing on June 25th. Again, details on the Rocky View County website (link above).