What amenities do you want to see at ‘Bingham Crossing’?

The Bingham Crossing development will be located just west of Calgary in Springbank, a retail and lifestyle centre development.

The development is a partnered initiative by Rencor Developments and United Communities, and the two groups are looking for feedback from Springbank residents as to what types of amenities they would like to see in the development.

Over the next couple of weeks, Springbank residents will be getting phone calls where they will be asked to share input on retail, services and other amenities for Bingham Crossing.

Those community members not included in the survey are invited to contact Ron (403-263-4449 or renaudr@rencor.ca) or Paul (403-265-6180 orPDouglas@unitedcommunities.com) to pass on their thoughts.

You can find out more information about the Bingham Crossing development on their website here.

Bingham Crossing Subdivision Approved

On May 27, the Bingham Crossing subdivision was approved by Rocky View County. The development will now be starting phase one of leasing and construction. Here’s what’s coming up:

Architectural designs are nearing completion and preleasing discussions are just beginning. We look forward to taking the designs to the Community Working Group once complete for discussion, and to continue to engage with stakeholders to ensure plans are consistent with the priorities of the community. [Bingham Crossing]


  • Earthwork for stripping and grading continues, 75% of the work was completed last year and just re-started on June 2nd. Completion expected mid-July.
  • Water allocation approved by CalAlta and Alberta Environment, the construction of the water treatment plan near Calaway Park has begun. This is the facility that will supply clean drinking water to the facility.

For more information on the next phases of the Bingham Crossing development, check out their website.

About: The Springbank Community Planning Association

If you’re a resident of Springbank, you may want to check out the Springbank Community Planning Association (if you haven’t already). This community group works to update residents on new developments in Springbank and “fight for a community-driven community”.

The big development being talked about right now in the area is the Bingham Crossing development. Many Springbank residents have attended several hearings and panels to have their input heard.

It’s always a great idea to get involved in groups like this, and have some input on the area you live in. For more information on what the SCPA is up to, or find out about developments in Springbank, contact them here.