Glenbow Ranch Area Structure Plan one step closer

The new Glenbow Ranch Area Structure Plan (GBRASP) is another step closer after Rocky View County adopted the new Terms of Reference last month.

The terms provide direction for the review of a portion of Bearspaw Area Structure Plan, facilitating the development of the new GBRASP. The terms establish the scope, timeline and goals of the GBRASP.

The Terms of Reference include an approximate study area of 7,671 acres of land located south of Highway 1A, north of the Bow River, and between the Town of Cochrane and the City of Calgary. The GBRASP will replace a portion of the Bearspaw ASP, as the land is located within the Bearspaw ASP’s boundaries.

One of the objectives of GBRASP is to provide sensitive integration of natural features and historical areas of the park into the surrounding areas. Development in the area can now protect park values and support park operations as well.

Clearly stated within the proposed Terms of Reference, development will be integrated to enhance the experience of living in proximity to a provincial park, while minimizing the adverse impacts of development and park users.

This is an exciting development for Bearspaw and Rocky View residents, and you can find out more about these recent actions in this article by Rocky View Weekly.

Recycle a Tree – Receive a Tree

The Rocky View County annual Christmas tree recycling program is back, and residents who bring their natural Christmas trees to a drop-off location will get a voucher for a tree seedling from Bow Point Nursery or Branched Out Nursery.

The drop-off locations are:

  • Bragg Creek Transfer Site
  • Langdon Transfer Site
  • Irricana Transfer Site
  • Crossfield Transfer Site
  • Airdrie Recycle Depot (East Side Recycling Depot)
  • Cochrane Eco Centre (Recycle Depot)
  • Bow Point Nursery
  • Branched Out Nursery

More information can be found online at the Rocky View County website here.

Amendments will protect Rocky View County waterways


Last week, Rocky View County council adopted amendments that will help protect the lands adjacent to County waterways, by limiting the types of construction permitted in those areas. The amendments will also enforce setbacks to keep these zones intact.

“Although they make up a relatively small portion of the landscape, they have some significant importance relating to economic, health, and environmental considerations,” said RVC Senior Planner Richard Barss. “Economically, they can help prevent or limit erosion, and they can slow down flooding. Health-wise, they improve water quality by filtering nutrients and sediments from water systems. And from an environmental perspective, they provide an important habitat for mammals and fish.”


“For the County to be coming out with these bylaw amendments, it shows exceptionally strong leadership,” he said. “We will be trumpeting this success to other municipalities within the region.”


[Rocky View Weekly]

If you want to learn more about the Riparian Protection Areas (RPA) and the most recent amendments that will protect waterways in Rocky View County, read this article online by Rocky View Weekly.

Rocky View living: Preparing for winter

Living in a rural community means it’s even more important to be prepared for winter emergencies, seeing as how you’re farther away from supplies than urban dwellers. You never know when you may be snowed in, so here’s a quick reference to get prepared.

You should have an emergency kit on hand that has at least a three day supply of the following:

• Enough water for one gallon, per person in your home, per day• Non-perishable food items/high-energy snacks
• Food and supplies for babies/pets if you have them
• Any medications anyone may need
• Flashlight (hand cranked or battery powered)
• Extra batteries
• Radio/cell phone charger

*Rocky View County recommends not to include candles in your kit, but opt for flashlights instead, as candles are a major cause of fires.

Volunteer for Rocky View Committees and Boards

Rocky View County is seeking residents to be members of several committees and boards. The following positions are currently available:

  • Agricultural Services Board (ASB): 2 members
  • Assessment Review Board: 3 members
  • Development Appeal Committee: 4 members
  • Family & Community Support Services Board: 1 member
  • Subdivision Appeal Committee: 7 members
  • Bragg Creek Design Review Committee: 2 members
  • Marigold Library Board: 1 member
  • Bearspaw Glendale Recreation Board: 3 members
  • Beiseker Regional Recreation Board: 1 member
  • Rocky View East Recreation Board: 1 member
  • Rocky View West Recreation Board: 4 members

A full list of the terms and requirements of each committee and board position is up on the Rocky View County website. Information on how to apply for one of these positions can be found online here.

Celebrate the Opening of the New Bearspaw Fire Hall

This Saturday, September 6th marks the grand opening of Rocky View County’s newest fire hall in Bearspaw. To celebrate the opening of the station, there will be free family-friendly activities going on this Saturday.

Saturday, September 6th from 12 to 3 pm: 

  • Fire extinguisher demos
  • Fire hall/fire truck tours
  • Snacks/beverages
  • Photo booth
  • Face painting
  • Arson dog demos

The new Bearspaw Fire Hall is located at 31211 Lochend Place in Bearspaw.

Funding Available for Rocky View Non-Profits

Rocky View County is now accepting applications from non-profits and charities/societies for special project funding. If your organization provides social support programs for Rocky View County residents, you may be eligible. The deadline to apply for this funding is September 30, 2014.

  • Applicants must serve Rocky View County residents, and have programs that meet one or more of the following criteria:
  • Be preventative in nature, and enhance the social well-being of individuals and families by promoting or providing early intervention strategies.
  • Help people develop independence, coping skills, the ability to resist crisis, and an awareness of social needs.
  • Help people develop interpersonal and group skills to build constructive relationships with others.
  • Support people and communities to assume responsibility for decisions and actions affecting them.
  • Promote, encourage, and facilitate the involvement of volunteers.

For more information or to receive an application form, contact Randy Ell at 403-520-1289 or

Acreage Living: Tips for Fencing Your Property

With the summer weather upon us, you may be thinking about finally getting that new fence up in your yard. Before you figure out what type of fence you want, first you should find out the specifics: where can you legally build a fence, and you’ll want to discuss it with your neighbours most likely.

Before you plan for a fence, first decide what you need a fence for: confine or exclude animals, aesthetics, dividing parts of your property, etc. Once you define that, then you can figure our what kind of fence to build.

• Barbed wire: recommended usage for cows and goats, but not for sheep, horses or swine. There is also always the likelihood of injury with this type.

• Woven or mesh wire: these are common and safe for the use of livestock.

• Rail fencing: this is popular for horses and other farm animal fencing.

• Cable wire: these have higher production costs but are very effective and are low-maintenance.

• Electrical fencing: while effective, there is always a potential danger with this type of fencing, so do your research.

Development along waterways in Rocky View County

Areas where water, soil and vegetation are together are called ‘riparian’ zones. They are an important part of the stabilization of banks, shorelines and protecting property and infrastructure from flooding or erosion.

Rocky View County is proposing changes to the Land Use Bylaw which will further limit development of residential and commercial structures, septic fields, parking lots and storm water ponds in these riparian areas.

If you think you might have a riparian area on your land, and want to know how the new setbacks might impact development, you can attend a free open house:

Wednesday, June 25
4:00 to 7:30 p.m.
Rocky View County Municipal Building (911 – 32 Avenue NE, Calgary)