Glenbow Ranch Area Structure Plan one step closer

The new Glenbow Ranch Area Structure Plan (GBRASP) is another step closer after Rocky View County adopted the new Terms of Reference last month.

The terms provide direction for the review of a portion of Bearspaw Area Structure Plan, facilitating the development of the new GBRASP. The terms establish the scope, timeline and goals of the GBRASP.

The Terms of Reference include an approximate study area of 7,671 acres of land located south of Highway 1A, north of the Bow River, and between the Town of Cochrane and the City of Calgary. The GBRASP will replace a portion of the Bearspaw ASP, as the land is located within the Bearspaw ASP’s boundaries.

One of the objectives of GBRASP is to provide sensitive integration of natural features and historical areas of the park into the surrounding areas. Development in the area can now protect park values and support park operations as well.

Clearly stated within the proposed Terms of Reference, development will be integrated to enhance the experience of living in proximity to a provincial park, while minimizing the adverse impacts of development and park users.

This is an exciting development for Bearspaw and Rocky View residents, and you can find out more about these recent actions in this article by Rocky View Weekly.

How snow removal works in Rocky View

This winter has brought with it lots of up and down weather so far, and if you’re wondering how Rocky View County goes about clearing the roadways of snow and ice, here’s a little insight.

Rocky View County is using some new and innovative tools to help tackle snow and ice removal, such as a snow melting machine. The County is one of the first in Alberta to use this type of machine, which is essentially like a large hot tub. Snow is dumped in and hot water melts it, then the water is filtered and sent to the storm water system. To give you an idea, it costs about 25% less than regular snow hauling to a dump site.

The County is also now using snowcats to deal with heavy snowfall on gravel roads. These machines are designed for moving around ski hills and areas where other vehicles can’t go—perfect for winter roads in country areas.

Interested in learning more about snow and ice removal in Rocky View County? Check out their website.

Bearspaw Trail will be completed within Glenbow Ranch Park

Thanks to a grant received from Rocky View County, Glenbow Ranch Park will have the means to complete Bearspaw Trail within the park. The grant is in the amount of $30,000, allocated from the Bearspaw Glendale and Ranch Lands Recreation Boards.

“It’s very exciting for us to receive this grant,” said GRPF Executive Director Susan de Caen. “It adds a great amount to what we’ve already received, which means we are almost two-thirds of the way to actually getting all the funding we need for the Bearspaw connection. It’s fantastic.” [Rocky View Weekly]

The Bearspaw Trail will connect Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park to Haskayne Park within Calgary, which will begin development by the City of Calgary in 2015.

The trail will also be a part of the TransCanada Trail, which will be completed by 2017. De Caen said the foundation hopes to connect the trail system to Cochrane’s as well. [Rocky View Weekly]


Community Funding Requests Awarded in RVC

On November 25, Rocky View County (RVC) Council approved five community funding requests. Here’s a rundown of what organizations have been approved, and what for:

  • Bow Valley Agricultural Society: 50% cost-sharing grant to support maintenance and upgrades to the Indus arena, total approval just over $40,000.
  • North Bow Community Facility Board: support for land preparation work outside of Langdon to house a future high school and recreation amenities. Total approval: $38,000, $183,000 and $300,000 from various reserve funds.
  • Springbank Heritage Club: 50% of the cost to install a potable water line, total approval for $25,000.
  • Cochrane Lions Minor Football Association: to assist in the cost of purchasing and installing an artificial turf at Bow Valley High School. Total approval in the amount of $100,000.
  • Friends of Chestermere High School Society: assistance with the purchase of retractable seating at Chestermere High School. Total approval amount of $50,000.


Development of West Calgary Ring Road

Last week, Rocky View County residents had an opportunity to hear more about the development of the West Calgary Ring Road (WCRR), which will involve 15 kilometres of highway along west Calgary.

The WCRR will run from Highway 1 (16 Avenue) to east of 69 Street SW on Glenmore Trail. The road is forecast to be used by 80,000 to 100,000 vehicles, similar to traffic on Deerfoot Trail. The delivery of the ring road is being focused on the southwest portion currently, and work on WCRR will follow in 2016.

General Manager of Infrastructure and Operations with RVC, Byron Riemann, said he feels the WCRR will provide a benefit to county residents, despite any concerns.


“I would still say people are concerned with the size of the network and access management into the system, but I think the province has done a good job of trying to identify and rectify those issues,” he said. “The access this network will provide overall will be good for the County – for residents, and for whatever future development we may see.”

Find out more about the WCRR in this article from Rocky View Weekly.

Fall Home Maintenance: Chimney Sweeping

Homes in older communities (like Bearspaw and Springbank), often have chimneys for wood-burning fireplaces. If those chimneys are cleaned properly, and safely, they can lead to bigger problems such as fires. Here are some tips for cleaning your chimney safely:

• Measure the distance from the top of the chimney down, so you know how many extension poles to purchase• Make sure you have safety goggles, rubber gloves, dust mask and shop vac (you will get dirty)
• Always make sure the chimney is completely cooled off before you begin anything
• The actual cleaning is just a matter of brushing up and down with appropriate bristles (your hardware store can direct you), to loosen deposits. You’ll want to clean them up with your shop vac afterwards.

If you’re not really a do-it-yourself kind of person, you can always hire a professional, which will also save you time and of course they will be able to do it in the most safe way possible. Do you know a good chimney sweep? Let me know about it on Twitter.